Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Gas Bags on Patrol

No, no, no...it's not what you think.
It's the title of an article I found in  the June 1943 Popular Mechanics on-line at Google books.


The article "Gas Bags on Patrol" is primarily about the use of air ships for anti-submarine patroling. It does happen to end with the Ghostblimp mystery without mentioning too many details.
Not earth shattering but it was new.

The article describes the use of K ships is about the flying blimps and anti-submarine patrol activities.
 I love the photographs and find the perspective of people at that time. I'm constantly amzed at how much information Popular Science and Popular Mechanics gave. I've read the 40's decade of Popular Science and I'm in 1943 in Popular Mechanics looking for new things like this.

It's easy for history and memory to change facts over time. Things get lost, memories romanticized. We are all susceptible to it, but articles like this can bring us back to reality.

I hope everyone enjoys the mystery and finds this information valuable.

As always I look forward to any comments about the L8.