Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Eastern Sea Frontier War Diary - The Submarine Situation June 1942

I found this  Eastern Sea Frontier report recently that discussed the state of submarine attacks and counter measures needed. The office worked out of 90 Church Street in Manhattan just around the corner from the picture below.

The light brown building on the left side in this picture was the Western Electric building where the NDRC/OSRD Division 15, Radar Countermeasures worked. It was also the first building to have a microwave communication transmitter/receiver, the other half sitting in an airfield in Mount Neshanic, New Jersey.
This building sits across from the new Freedom Tower. I was working in the building on the right until recently for about a year until my research uncovered that so much of my story was so close at hand.
The Tizzard Mission starts two blocks up and one down on Broadway not far from here.
The path between the Tower and work is blocked with construction and there is an over pass that allowed me to get up close to the Art Deco stone work in the  NDRC building ( Verizon today ). It's been a year and a day since Sandy hit. When I  was first able to get back into the City, the debris mark was chest high - I'm six feet two inches tall.

This was taken from the Irish Hunger Memorial, a small sloping park rising next to the Hudson River with transplanted grass, plants, stone, and a stone house - sans roof, from Ireland , commentating the migration of the Irish to America during the Famine, their rough road, and their contribution to the American story.

I wanted to send best wishes to those impacted by the weather in Europe, friends, family and strangers alike. Hold  on, together, and you'll be get through it. Good luck and I'll keep you in my prayers.

Dark days will pass. They have before and they will again.

This report outlines the state of the submarine war in the Atlantic and the need to use any and all air craft - including lighter than air aircraft to patrol against enemy submarines. It was this need to detect enemy submarines that drove the NDRC scientists work. Ingenuity is driven by necessity to overcome adversity... but not always without cost. That is part of the story of the L-8 and L2/G1 that I've been trying to get across.


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